The Canada immigration procedure can be very tough and taxing. When you are planning to apply for this procedure, having a good law firm like Davies Immigration Law Canada to guide you at every step can be advantageous. All law firms are not professionals and reliable. Due to this, you must know a few pointers to consider for choosing the best immigration lawyer.

To help you find the best lawyer, below are some of the pointers that you need to consider for choosing the best investment immigration Canada firm:

Do not search for a bargain

You should not blindly trust any lawyer. Some lawyers are very mediocre and terrible. A few lawyers take too many cases at one point in time, which does not allow them to dedicate enough time to your case. Apart from them, there are a few who lack experience, especially in immigration law. Still, some are just interested in your money. Hence, you must research well and search for a reputable firm after proper evaluation. You should not mind if you have to spend a few thousand dollars extra for a quality lawyer. It is not worth risking months to know that your immigration application is rejected, just to save some money.

Try to get a reliable referral

Check out your network of colleagues and friends to know if anyone has dealt with investment immigration program and immigration lawyer. Word-of-mouth can be the best way to get firsthand information regarding the experience of working with the immigration lawyer.

Ask for references

Once you have shortlisted a few of them, you need to contact them for the initial consultation. Make sure that you ask to offer some references. Professional immigration will not hesitate to offer references from former clients.

Negotiate fees

Most of immigration law firm Canada charge fees on an hourly basis. But, there are few of them that charge specific fees for the standard application and filing the case. You should always go for the firm that charges fixed fees. You can also select the firm that offers an estimate of the time taken for filing your case. With this, you will get an idea about the cost as far as money and time is concerned.

Select the lawyer that speaks your language

You should always prefer selecting a lawyer that speaks your language. It will ensure that your process is well streamlined and you and your lawyer will be on the same page as far as understanding of legal terms is concerned. On top of that, the attorney will be able to ensure that the certified translations of the documents from your native language to English are done properly.

Develop a good relationship with the lawyer

Your visa will be the foremost step for legally living in Canada. This will be the first time you will require the lawyer, but it would not be the last time. If everything goes good, you might soon want to apply for investment in Canada for citizenship. It is for this reason you need to develop a good relationship with the lawyer so that the lawyer can help you the best in future when you are ready to take a step ahead.

These pointers can surely help you to search for the best lawyer. You can also check out sites like Ourbis, Facebook and Google Maps for searching the best lawyer.