Store your jewelry in the bank, empty your mailbox, install extra locks and alarm systems … These are just some of the rules if you want a quality home or house insurance, according to criminal organization offence lawyer toronto.

Burglars also track posts on social networks. As the message from the answering machine used to tell you about burglaries that your apartment or house was a potential target, these are now weekend photo postings.

It should be known that a burglar in a person’s home is motivated to alienate citizens from what they have in their home. We distinguish between convenient burglars and those targeted by the home. Any protection is better than none, and if you choose at least one of the five security options offered, believe it will demotivate the burglar.

It is important to know that the alarm does not prevent the burglary, but acts as a preventative and only reports that something suspicious is happening in your area. Thieves know that a surveillance camera lens can be easily sprayed with foam.

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Here are the most important tips:

– Store gold, money and valuables, especially if you have been staying for a long time, because the cost of a safe is usually much less than the damage you can suffer.

– Develop good neighborly relations as they contribute to protection. Ensure that from time to time someone visits the apartment or house while you are away, raises shutters, lights, radios, or TVs, and displays that someone is at home. Empty mailboxes regularly and install additional locks and alarm systems to significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

– Security starts from the front door – and security doors are easily breakable if they are only closed and not locked. If the cylinder protrudes from the lock, the burglar can easily break it. A double lock will reduce the risk of burglary.

– List valuable items and their serial numbers and take pictures of them, which will make it easier for the police in the event of a burglary.

– If you have already broken into your home or apartment, do not touch anything until the police arrive, as you can destroy useful traces.

Security starts from the door. Remember that security doors are breakable if they are only closed and not locked.

However, apart from the material damage, there is something highlighted by the police and everyone who was the victim. The fact that someone has rummaged through your belongings, disturbed the intimacy of your home, and stolen family memories, which are often of greater symbolic value than material, often the victims of a burglary, do more than harm.

Although statistically looking at the number of burglaries, the police are warning citizens to protect their home so that they are not targeted by burglars. Because many people ask themselves later, “Why me, they have nothing to steal from me?”