Home theft prevention measures according to family lawyers in pickering

The protection of personal property can only be ensured by a concerted effort on the part of the Police and the citizens.

Greater vigilance

Greater vigilance is needed, especially when strangers with suspicious behavior are spotted near residential buildings. The preferred time for the thieves to commit crimes is between 09.00. and 12.00, when most homes are left unattended. Usually, the perpetrators study the area and those who live there in advance. The object of their attention are mainly dwellings located on the lower floors / up to the 3rd. Breaking the front door chuck, the thieves break into the apartment, looking for basic gold, silver and currency. Small items of volume enable them to move away from the scene unhindered and invisible. Particularly tempting are the doors whose ammunition protrudes from the outside – this facilitates criminals. Two-sided and multi-locked locks have a good effect against tampering.

To protect your home from theft, also pay attention to the strength of the hinges, provide lighting in front of your door, install a spy with wide-angle optics. Avoid keeping large sums of money in your home as well as expensive items in basements and attics.

If you hear noise from breaking or crushing on the stairwell and see strangers, call the police immediately. Observe through the window what the thieves will take out and what car they will get into. Make a note of the make, color and registration number. Remember that if you do not help identify the thieves in your neighbor, you may be their victim next time.

Remember: Your home is your stronghold, but it is only through joint efforts to protect it.

Which homes are a target?

Most often, thefts from apartments with poorly reinforced doors are prone to theft. Still in many of the apartment blocks are used shutters that break down very easily. The vulnerable parts of these doors are locks with projecting chucks, the door frame in the place that holds the tongue of the lock and the hinges of the twisting type. Standard shutter doors cannot be strengthened by installing reliable locks.

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The second category of thefts are flats that have a significant amount of tangible assets. These thefts are usually preceded by information about the presence of money and valuables in the home and pre-preparation of the door burglaries.

The third category of dwellings is the villas in which the owners are seasonally occupied and uninhabited for most of the year.

How to strengthen your apartment?

Install a sturdy, secure metal or solid wood exterior door with at least three hinges. Pay particular attention to the locks. Under no circumstances should their secret cartridges protrude above the surface of the door, since then the thieves grab them with a water or specially made key, and then break them with the sharpest punch into their thinnest part.

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