Everyone had to hire a lawyer at least once in their lives. Whether it be selling a house, suing someone for something they did or getting protection from the law, everyone communicated with one.

Knowing this, you probably know that not everyone is skilled to protect you in every situation. When you get arrested by the police and they are pressing charges against you, it’s clear that you have to hire a legal representative to protect your rights at the court of law.

However, not everyone can do this properly. You need a specialized person who will know how to handle your situation. This is a very serious problem and you need an attorney who will act fast, knows the law and will be there for you at all times.

The Criminal Lawyers Studied This Part Of The Law

They say that the corporate attorneys are the richest and they hold the wealthiest clients. They get to be a part of the upper class and hang out with some very rich and powerful people.

The criminal attorney, on the other hand, studied a different branch of the legal matter and they get to be a part of cases were convicts and people doing felonies are involved. The criminals are the lowest part of the classes and it’s not easy working with them. Learn more about this type here.

Still, this is what they studied and this part of the legal practice is not easy for everyone to do it. For example, the corporate attorneys we mentioned might get the most money for their work, but they wouldn’t hold 5 minutes when an urgent situation comes up.

Their Knowledge Can Save Your Life

Since the arrest can easily turn into something serious and you end up in jail for a long time, it’s important to have a person who will speak on your behalf with the police and the judge. It’s best if you can get their presence at the same moment you’re being arrested, but no one can predict this happening.

Hypothetically, if they were there, with their knowledge of what’s right and wrong and understand the rights of the citizen during the arrest, you might not even have to go to the station. However, a common person is not aware of these things and most of the time they don’t know how to act at this critical time.

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Criminal Lawyers


When you get into serious problems, you need help from someone who’s been through the same. The criminal lawyer will know and will understand when you tell them that the police tried to incriminate you. Of course they did, it’s their job to do it.

An experienced person will know what you’re talking about and will know how to use the words of the police officers against them just like they’ll try to do the same against you if they had the chance. This is why it’s best not to say anything during the arrest. This is also why the police explicitly tell you that anything you’ll say can and will be used against you in a court of law. This is not just a movie line, they will use it against you.

If you say nothing, your attorney will have a much greater chance to create a strong case and fight to get a better deal out of the situation. Trusting your lawyer and having a mutual understanding is very important here.


Everyone is professional in their field of expertise. You can’t expect a professional driver to be an expert mechanic too. Sure, they’ll know a thing or two about fixing parts, but it takes a skilled and experienced person to completely take care of a car.

It’s the same in the law. There are different types of lawyers. Criminal cases deserve the best criminal attorneys, so make sure you choose a great one before something terrible happens.