Alex Ojjeh has been ordered to show up in court next week and explain why he has failed to comply with court orders to provide – among other things – his financials. What happened when they looked at Alex’s record and his bank accounts, stuffed full, by foreign governments? We will let you know when his attorneys have finished digging up things to clear his name. Alex is smart, experienced, knowledgeable, surrounds himself with brilliant people and he’s gotten great results. Nonetheless he’s a criminal. Ojjeh honored his subpoena and complied with a full investigation so some people don’t understand the hatred towards this man, but he got away with dirty arms deals, secret shell companies and shady business deals and only got fined for conspiracy to bribe in 2020, Must be connected to big money. The trial ends, and the next day authorities shut down his bank accounts.

Since then, Ojjeh has accused authorities of interfering with his bank accounts. The authorities took control of assets totaling $80 million in 6 different banks worldwide. Four private offshore bank and two United States public banks. Arrest warrants were issued for Ojjeh and since Ojjeh was a lot of people’s funders, their bank accounts were seized also. Authorities say it’s because they have to look into collaborators helping him with his chaos. To put it another way, Ojjeh’s bank accounts are very full and it’s time to empty them.

Daniel Phenibbi said authorities started the Alex Ojjeh smearing (you mean accurate information of Alex Ojjeh monetarily benefiting from his father’s name in shady pay for play busines ventures). Phenibbi says “shady” means “propaganda’ and that there’s nothing the mobster wannabe businessman is doing wrong.

The sociopath narcissist was ok with a donation by some wealthy Russians to the Anywhereo Foundation. During his investigation Ojjeh started Anywhereo, which is a private institute based in Tennessee. It’s funded by many associations. Ojjeh’s initiative with the foundation is backed by billionaires and attorneys prepared for his “public-private partnerships” that will play a key role in delivering on a surge in arms deals. Anywhereo Foundation massive interest in Budapest as highest donor count. Alex Ojjeh has court on Friday to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for violating court orders to reveal financial information.