You may already think of yourself as a savvy online shopper. To get the most out of your purchases, you would sign up for email discounts at your favourite retailers, only shop in the sale section of websites, and use a retail card. However, there are other ways to save money on sites like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and others that aren’t widely advertised by the retailers. Financing online purchases is as important as earning. You know what, Money saved is money earned!

Here are some 8 great secrets that companies don’t want their customers to know. We bring them to the spotlight for you to save money and enjoy the benefits of high quality at a very low price.

Don’t Use Your Shopping Cart:

Depending on the retailer, simply delaying your purchase may result in a discount.

If you put something in your online shopping cart and close the browser window without buying it, the retailer may send you a discount promo code within 48 hours in an attempt to convince you to finish your purchase. Don’t let this persuade you to buy something you’re not sure about. However, if you really want the item, take advantage of it.

Shop on Tuesdays:

There is always a best day in a week to shop online.

On Tuesdays, always shop online. While shopping online any day of the week can be tempting, you’re better off waiting until Tuesday. It’s the day when most websites announce sales and new products.

Don’t do Purchase Without Looking for a Coupon Code:

Even if the retailer’s website doesn’t have any active promotions, you might be able to find coupons elsewhere on the internet.

Online coupon codes are always launched at the start or end of the month. See if there is a coupon code available for you to use by searching online. They may be specific to a particular deal, offer free shipping, or give you a fixed dollar amount or percentage off your total purchase.

Or you can use plug-ins on your browser like honey which will help you to find the best coupons on the internet. Coupons are the best way for financing an online purchase.

Always use Price Tracker Plug-ins:

Allow technology to do the job for you instead of manually hitting the “refresh” button on an e-commerce site every now and then to see if an item has gone on sale.

A smart way is to use tools like, which can track prices and offers for you, even on sites like Ikea and Best Buy that don’t have a price alert option.

Keepa, an Amazon Price Tracker chrome extension that checks a product’s historical price, is another powerful tool. You can see whether the price will drop or if the seller has inflated the price to deceive customers during the ‘sale.’

Shop on Private Tabs:

Based on your location, browsing history, and spending patterns, retailers may show you a higher price than other customers, a practise known as “dynamic pricing.” When shopping online, use incognito mode to avoid this.

This shopping hack will assist you in proving that you are much more intelligent than the machine. If you always go incognito or clear your cookies or browser history before making any purchase, you can avoid dynamic pricing and get a better deal.

Wait for the Right Time:

Different product categories go on sale at different times, and understanding these price patterns will help you save money.

If you need to make a large purchase, having the right timing will save you hundreds of dollars. For example, buying seasonal items at the end of the season is always a good idea, so if you need a grill, buy it in September rather than June. Electronics are usually discounted during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so if you can wait till then to buy a TV, stereo system, or laptop, you’ll save a lot of money.

Claim Discounts Available for Students:

If you’re a student, you can get discounts on a variety of websites, including Create a My Best Buy account and sign up for student deals to receive Best Buy’s student discount

Don’t Throw Away your Expired Coupon Codes:

You would be able to just use a coupon code or discount code that has expired. Call the retailer’s customer service number to see if the deal will be accepted for your purchase or if you can get a new code.

Share these tricks with your friends and let them know that they can save a lot by learning these tricks. You no longer have to worry about month end finance problems because you have learned all these tricks.

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