Verotel, one of the oldest Internet payment service providers (IPSP) is the first high-risk billing service to receive a PSD license. This success reflects its secure position renewed worldwide for merchants working on the Internet. An Internet payment service provider processes credits, payment cards and other online payment solutions for merchants. The PSD license officially provides Verotel with a “payment institute” certificate issued by the Dutch Central Bank.

Verotel customers benefit from the added protection and trust of an official EU license that you will not get from other high-risk billing services based in the United States. The Internet payment service provider can already boast of its record of never missing a payment. The PSD license offers traders additional insurance because they know that the Dutch Central Bank controls each transaction.

The international online e-commerce market is growing every year in Europe as well as in the countries where it is established. The need for a trusted billing service provider to manage online payments for merchants selling their products and services online is becoming increasingly crucial. Verotel predicted this trend two years ago and prepared its organization for obtaining the PSD license in February 2011.

PSD provides a licensing system for Internet payment service providers, sets out information requirements for payment services, and lists the rights and obligations of payment service providers and users. The aim of the Directive is to guarantee easy use for users, security and efficiency of payments throughout the European Union / European Economic Zone – in particular credit transfers, direct debit mandates, card payments and money transfers. It establishes and harmonizes the rules concerning payment service providers.

iPayTotal head office is located in the United States and the company must therefore comply with USA regulations. The recent initiative means that iPaytotal and its employees have gone through a rigorous process to obtain the license. ipaytotal customers benefit from the added protection and trust of an official license that you will not get from other payment processing for high risk billing services based in the United States.

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Verotel, established in 1998, is one of the leading high-risk billing services in the world. The company’s ultra-modern services have been successfully implemented for more than 50,000 websites worldwide, and allow merchants to accept online payments via credit cards and charge cards, checks. , direct debits or billing 1-900. Verotel’s secure billing platform processes millions of transactions for the world’s most accepted credit cards every year, and its excellent banking relationships ensure merchants in more than 200 countries always receive their payments on time.

Verotel’s headquarters in Amsterdam allows the company to provide services to the domestic and European markets, while its expanding international base allows for multilingual payment platforms and free support for sales worldwide. Thousands of high-risk online billing services choose to trust Verotel each year. Verotel has always treated its merchants with confidence and security. The newly acquired PSD license means that there is an additional reason to switch to one of the safest and most reliable IPSPs in the world.