Someone who promises you too much should not be your migration agent. Grandiose promises are an alarm to deal with a person trying to match and deceive you. Of course, you do not need to type such a person at any price as your migration agent. While what you offer can sound very tempting and even convincing, always check everything well. We will only give you some of the lies that you can hear from such “agents”, which are a sure sign that you should not engage them. Click here if you want to know more about us.

However, as often manipulators and speakers are skilled, the list of such untruths is infinite, and it is therefore very important that you check everything that the agents tell you before deciding who to show your trust. In the following text, however, we will highlight some of the most common lies they serve, with the goal of gaining and deceiving you.

The truth is that no matter how your agent is experienced and good at his job, he cannot guarantee that your visa will be granted. There are many factors that influence this, and the final decision can only be made by the authorized government’s visa-related services. Agents cannot know the outcome in advance, and those serious and professional will never say anything like that.

AGENT WHO HAD SPECIAL TREATMENT in the Department for Immigration and Border Protection, also says untrue. The same applies to people who represent themselves as representatives of the Australian government or offer you employment. What’s more, under laws, migration agents do not have the right to offer you a job. All these claims are just a warning that you are dealing with a fraudster, whom you do not need to hire as your representative or have anything to do with him.

Do not give important documents to anyone

When it comes to baptisms, passports, diplomas and other important documents, in the vast majority of cases when applying for a visa it is easy to attach certified copies. It is very rare that authorized immigration officers ask you for original documents, and even then, for insight, which means they do not keep them with you.

Then you most often personally inform you from the Department of Immigration and State Border Protection that you should provide them with an insight into the original documentation. For various reasons, your immigration agent can search for documents for insight and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if your agent asks you to keep your documents with you, know that he is exceeding your legal rights and you do not need to agree to that. What’s more, with such an “agent” it is advisable to discontinue cooperation, since at best it is about irresponsibility, and in the worst and most commonly about serious fraud. By not allowing anyone else to keep your important personal documents, you will save yourself the potential for identity theft, robbery of your bank accounts and other serious issues.

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