What if a sexual predator near me was spying on me or somebody that I care about? This may seem like a far-fetched question, but you never know. How do you know if there are any sexual predators or convicted sex offenders that live near you? Thanks to the federal Megan’s Law that requires sex offenders to register with the state that they did their crime in, it is pretty easy to find convicted sexual deviants that live near you. All you have to do is know where to look.

Online Sex Predator Search

One of the best ways to see if there are convicted sexual offenders near your home is to do an online search through Kids Live Safe. The reason why it is better to use Kids Live Safe is that it is an organization that is specifically in existence in order to keep kids safe from sexual predators. Although it focuses on the safety of children, it is really safety for all. When you do an online sex offender search, you can get the whole story behind a sex offender or any person for that matter because you will have access to all of their records, not just sex offenses. Many of the other search platforms will only provide you with part of the information. If somebody is not convicted of a sex offense, you might not find any information at all. When you search with Kids Live Safe, all of the records that the person has is available. Arrest records, criminal records, financial records. You name it. If it is a public record, you will be able to see it.

Keeping Your Neighborhood Safe

In many cases, just knowing where the threat is will save a life. If you were to dive into a lake, wouldn’t you want to know if there were any rocks or trees in your way before you jumped in? It works the same way with Kids Live Safe. All you have to do is do a search in your neighborhood for sex offenders, and you will be able to see all of them within a specified radius distance around you. Try not to be shocked by your results. You just never know these days who has done what. Once you do a search, you can see where the potential threats are, and stay very clear of them.

Stay Updated About Sexual Predators in Your Neighborhood

It is one thing to know about the sex offenders that you can see in your area, but what about getting updates when new ones move in? With Kids Live Safe, you can sign up for updates that keep you posted when sex offenders come near you and your loved ones. You can choose up to three different addresses that you would like to say updated about and get an email whenever a convicted sex offender moves within five miles of that address. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. You can search all you want and find answers regarding people in your neighborhood, and you can get automatic updates when new sickos move in. Visit the Kids Live Safe Website today and see for yourself.