Being injured at workplace is never predictable or greeted and yet, it occursevery so often. In 2018, the over 2.8 million workplace injuries were reported in the USA, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While a major part of these injuries happened at, “higher-rick” job sites such as construction place or near manufacturing plants, office workers and other, “low-risk” jobs are just as liable to injury.

Most common injuries sustained by lowerrisk works, which include carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve injury and back injuries. On the other hand, construction, manufacturing and other high-risk works can suffer a lot of injuries, which include loss of limbs, head damages, falls, and even casualty. All workers are vulnerable to at work injuries, with some careers being integrally more risky than others.

So, what should you do just after you areinjured at work? While it can be a scary and threatening time, taking the right steps postinjury can mean the difference between being remunerated fully for your injury or not. 

Follow these important steps that you should take if you are injured on the job. If you believe, you are titled to workers’ reimbursement benefits, contact today at attorney Alvine WeidenaarLLP Sioux Falls Office for your free consultation.Here are 9 key things that are recommended doing just after a workplace injury.

Make sure, your injury is reported IMMEDIATELY to your manager/supervisor and it’s not later than 30 days after your accident or injury. This does not mean a co-worker.  This means an individual in a management position, preferably someone you directly report to.

  • Discuss your injury with a lawyer

There is a time limit on seeking compensation for your injury, so don’t waste your time weighing your options or worrying that someone will think you are silly. Pick up your phone immediately and call aninjury lawyer who will help you to determine whether you may be able to make a claim or not.

  • Well-documented

Make sure your injury is well-documented.  This means you should make sure you or your employer completes an incident report containing the details of how you were injured at work, the extent of your injuries, and your physical complaints.  Make sure you get a copy of the form or notes of the accident. 

  • Panel of Physicians 

Find out if your employer has company doctors and if so, who those doctors are.  Sioux Falls law requires your employer have a list of at least six doctors posted on the premises known as the “panel of physicians.” These sixphysicians and medical facilities are the physicians you are permitted to see when you were injured at work.  Meanwhile, employers don’t always have the panel posted nor has one at all, go and ask your human resources department or a Manger/Supervisor if a panel exists. If there is no any panel, and does not have atleast six doctors, or not posted on the wall, you can go treat with a doctor of your own choice. 

  • Get Immediately Medical Treatment

Get to a physician as soon as it’s possible following an injury.  It is imperative you get immediate medical cure following an injury.  In addition to getting a diagnosis for your injury and the treatment and medicine to ease your pain, immediately seeing a doctor gives you another opportunity to document your injury.  When you go to the doctor it is important to report that your injury happened at work. This is yet another opportunity to document your workplace injury in writing. 

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Your physician will take all important notes and will correctly diagnose you. There will be some such injuries that may not be as seeing apparent and noticeable as others, but it doesn’t mean,the signs and symptoms won’t show up later.

  • Report to your Employer

Keep your employer knowledgeable of your accident condition, work limitations, and medical treatment.  If your physical condition allow youto return to work following your injury, immediately report to your employer/company if you your injury or condition worsens anyway.  If your physician excuses you to from work or gives you work limitations, get this in writing and give it to your employer the same day. If the physician excuses you from work forever, find out from your employer how frequently your employer needs you to call in. Fulfill with those necessities so, you do not risk termination.


If somebody was present at the time, when the accident happened, make sure to get their contact details and name in case a witness is required to tell their side of the story.

  • File a Claim

File a claim with the Sioux FallsBoard of Workers’ Compensation. To protect your rights, you must file a claim with the Sioux FallsBoard of Workers’ Compensation within one year from the date of your accident. This will ensure your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier, if they are insured, is made aware of your accident.  Even though the law does identifya few exceptions to the 12- month statute of limitations for filing a claim, the exceptions are limited. 

  • Contact a well experienced worker’s compensation Attorney and get Legal Advice

Hire a well skilled and expert workers’ compensation attorney to help you with collecting evidence and any legal advice relating to your claim.

Whether you’ve recently been injured at work, or have had a claim rejected, contact us at AlvineWeidenaar, LLP Sioux Falls Office, 809 W 10th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57104. We can help you understand your rights, and the compensation process, and provide you understanding into your options moving forward.

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